Critical Infrastructure

Meeting Our Client’s Most Critical and Core Initiatives


For more than 40 years, System One has helped fortify, build and expand our nation’s infrastructure, from major engineering projects to broadband and wireless, utility and power grids, transportation, and renewable energy. Our services and solutions power our clients’ most critical and core initiatives, enabling them to expand capacity and capabilities to meet today’s demands and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.



The key industries we work with include:

  • Power & Utility Services
    • Transmission & Distribution – System One specializes in outsourced project controls support for transmission, substation, and distribution projects. We also provide project and construction management for multi-million dollar utility infrastructure initiatives.
    • Renewables – Renewable energy sources – such as wind, solar, geothermal, and bio – hold the promise of clean, sustainable power for future generations. We support commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses through outsourced services and workforce solutions. From construction and commissioning to operations and maintenance, we add value throughout the entire production lifecycle.
    • Nuclear – For more than 40 years, nuclear has been the core of System One’s business. From licensing and construction to operations and maintenance, we support the full nuclear power generation lifecycle.
    • Utility Services – For over two decades, Utility Partners of America has been a leading ally of utility companies nationwide. UPA provides an extensive array of critical utility work encompassing installation and maintenance, logistics, project management, overhead and underground distribution services and much more. UPA’s support services are flexible, scalable, and delivered with the highest industry standards.
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction – Wherever engineering, procurement and construction expertise is needed, System One is there. No matter the project scope or sector, we know the importance of meticulous design, careful planning, and detailed execution via our outsourced services and workforce solutions.
  • Telecom – Serving nearly every major telephone, cable, and wireless carrier across North America, MOUNTAIN, LTD. delivers engineering outsourced services and workforce solutions. Whether you need full service engineering, off-premise capabilities, or remote access work, MOUNTAIN, LTD. offers national reach with personalized local service.
  • Energy – System One covers the oil and natural gas market in depth, supporting special projects, QA/QC initiatives, targeted training with our outsourced services and workforce solutions. In the field or in the plant, we provide targeted oil and gas services and solutions to upstreammidstream, and downstream companies.
  • Transportation – We help transit organizations and authorities deliver efficient, cost-effective, and safe industrial and consumer transportation.