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System One helps power generation, transmission and distribution firms develop strategies to address critical challenges throughout the plant and in the field. Visit the UPA website for more information.


AMI/AMR installation and in-home warranty services

Our partner firm Utility Partners of America (UPA) helps utilities install and upgrade water, gas, and electric meters embedded with time and money-saving technology. UPA also creates home warranty and marketing outreach programs for utilities.

Utility solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution

System One advances adoption and integration of the smart grid with a full suite of utilities workforce solutions and integrated services:

  • Utility construction and capital projects support

    From owners’ representation to professional staffing, we provide project management and resources for commissioning, construction, and maintenance.

  • Project controls and project management outsourcing

    System One specializes in outsourced project controls support, as well as project and construction management for multi-million dollar utility infrastructure initiatives.

  • Condition assessments for better asset management

    Our QA/QC, nondestructive examination, and inspection services give you accurate input to make critical decisions about equipment maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

  • Maintenance, outage, and turnaround support

    System One’s best practices for scheduling and staffing shutdowns help get you back online quickly, with complete confidence and procedural integrity.

  • Professional engineering for plant systems and operations

    We provide contract and full-time engineers to support a full range of critical plant systems and components for resource gaps, backfills, and special projects.

  • Smart grid information technology investments

    System One helps utilities prepare for, prioritize, integrate, and manage smart grid investments.

From system design to data storage management, we cover the full smart grid IT lifecycle.

Utility Solutions

  • Construction & capital projects
  • Owners’ representation
  • Maintenance, outage & turnaround
  • Project controls outsourcing
  • Professional engineering
  • Smart grid IT solutions
  • Condition assessments
    • Quality assurance & quality control
    • Field inspection
    • Nondestructive evaluation (NDE/NDT)
  • In-home warranty programs
  • Turnkey marketing outreach
  • AMR/AMI installations
    • Smart meters
    • AMI networks
    • In-home devices